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Anklegators are a ferocious monster found in the Wild.

Once thought to be extinct, they are revealed to have not only survived Caelondian explorers, but also the Calamity.


"The closer you get to an Anklegator's nest, the taller the grass."

The presence of a lurking Anklegator is marked by subterranean rumbling and shaking that grows more violent as the beast approaches.  Only their scarred horns are visible from the surface -- and if you can see the horn, you're already dead.



Queen Anne

Queen Anne is a legendary Anklegator that roams the Roathus Lagoon.  Her intimidating growth may have been spurred by a hoarded Shard.

Baby Anklegators deal less knockup, but are faster than their adult counterparts.


Anklegators are usually consealed under the ground, the only visible part of them being the horn. The Anklegator will relentlessly chase the Kid while making grating stone sounds. Once the horn is "on top" of the kid, the horn will shake for a few moments, and the Anklegator will thrust its head above the ground, dealing significant damage to the kid and knocking him into the air if he is nearby.

Anklegators are impervious to harm when they are below the ground, but become vulnerable to attack when they are sticking their heads aboveground. The trick is to dodge when the Anklegator is about to strike, and then attack when they have poked their heads aboveground.