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The Bullhead Shield is the only purely defensive item that the Kid possess, as the War Machete can't deflect some attacks.

Scavenged from the Saloon on the Rippling Walls, it is available during all combat levels, with a partial exception in the final level.

It is a heavy, apparently indestructible shield modelled after Pyth.


The Bullhead Shield blocks nearly any attack thrown at the Kid from one direction.

Melee enemies will be briefly stunned when blocked, while projectile attacks will be merely deflected.  A well-timed defense will counter-block an attack, reflecting the damage back to the attacker.

There are no upgrades for the Bullhead Shield.

Secret Skills[]

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield

  • A secret technique that automatically counter-blocks all oncoming attacks for a short time.
  • "Made famous in a spectacular showing in the Bullhead Court."

Proving Grounds[]

"that's Bullhead Court, where people defended themselves with shields, not words."

"The accused always got a fair shake in Caelondia.  Some used't take the Bullhead Trial."

"The trial was simple. Survive without a scratch, and you'd walk away a free man."

Innocence was determined by skill with the shield.  Some cowards chose suicide instead of continuing the trial.

  • Third Place
    • Prize: +250 Fragments
  • Second Place: 15 Hits or Less
    • Prize: +500 Fragments
  • First Place: 3 Hits or Less
    • Prize: +1000 Fragments


The key to passing the trials is mastering your timing and dealing counter-damage.

Rather than trying to counter Gasfellas twice, counter them once and then roll into them to finish them off (works with all the Gasfellas).  Machine Gun turrets can be used to kill off Gasfellas without putting yourself in danger.

It is possible to trick the Scumbag into falling off the level, and is actually the least riskiest method, given that Scumbags ooze everywhere when countered. (try the protruding ledge at the bottom of the map).

Equipping Lunkhead Liquer helps a lot.  Otherwise, all of the Squirts will need two counters, which means two chances to make a mistake.

Items that affect the Shield[]