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Isle burstonequarry

"Imagine everything you need to build a city like Caelondia.

It takes hard work and planning. And it also takes Burstone Quarry."


"The secret to how we built Caelondia so tall and proud lies in Burstone Quarry."

Acquired Items[]

  • Something Stringy
  • Something Coarse
  • Harp Guitar (upon return to the Bastion)


"We bought the whole place from the Ura on the cheap."

The Caels purchased Burstone Quarry from the Ura sometime after laying the foundations of what was to be the City. The place was a "godsend," being rich in raw materials and the source of the City's main source of power, the cores and shards, with a lifetime supply of free labour in the form of Windbags, to boot.

Many Caels wondered why the Ura would "sell off such a fascinating place." Rucks comments that the Ura were always a "superstitious lot" and that the Pantheon probably told them it was "bad news." Not one to question providence, the Caels left it at that.

While Gasfellas did majority of the actual mining and heavy lifting, the Caels found that they could not just sit idly by and wait for them to deliver; Rattle-tails plagued the mines, coming up from underground to snack on the Windbags. Upset with pests literally eating away at their profits, the City hired human miners, less to help in the actual mining but more on killing Rattle-tails, quashing Pincushions, and ridding themselves of the occasional Stinkeye or six.

All of those pests paled in comparison to the mine's greatest danger and one of Caelondia's biggest headaches--a massive Lunkhead, christened "Sir Lunky."

"He stomped on a good many of our boys," claimed Rucks, with those fortunate enough not to get crushed underfoot having the misfortune of trying to get rid of him.

The amphibian held a reign of terror over the miners and was a thorn in the City's side for all of its days, until the Calamity got rid of the latter two. Ultimately, the Kid succeeds where many had failed, getting rid of Sir Lunky for good.


After defeating Sir Lunky, the Kid hears a voice.

"Are you alright?"

Zulf is standing next to the shard with a calm expression. The two speak for the first time after his departure from the Bastion. He warns the Kid not to return to the Bastion, but will not stop him..."because my [Zulf's] countrymen will."

After completing Burstone Quarry and returning to the Bastion, a mandatory battle will trigger. Any pets the player has collected during the game will fight with the Kid. Note that the pets will have health bars and can die.

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