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Flame Bellows
Flame Bellows

The Flame Bellows or Fire Bellows is one of the weapons in the game Bastion.


Flame assault weapon.

- Spews a continuous stream of fire, causing damage over time.

Upgraded by Something Foul.

"A simple miscommunication led to the fiery destruction of Caelondia's oldest forge, but at least it gave birth to this weapon."


Column 1:

  • Sustainable Fuel (+20% Fuel Generation)
  • Napalm Reservoir (Flames Cause Lasting Burn)
  • Cooling Intake (+20% Fuel Generation)
  • Contoured Grip (+25% Attack Speed)
  • Streamlined Furnace (Move Faster While Attacking)

Column 2:

  • Volatile Fuel (Flames Spread Wider)
  • Thermite Reservoir (+1 Damage Per Flame)
  • Modified Intake (Flames Cripple Foes)
  • Shielded Grip (Damage Resistance When Firing)
  • Industrial Furnace (Large Attack Range Increase, Cannot Move and Fire)

Secret Skills[]

Burning Carousel

Burning Carousel

Burning Carousel

  • A technique causing the user to spin while spouting flames.
  • "Created by an infamous circus performer whose craft concerned him more than the safety of others."

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Ring Of Fire

  • A technique that causes an expanding wall of flame to sweep through the vicinity.
  • "First developed for waste incinerators."

Proving Grounds[]

"Welcome to Grady Incinerator. Home of the hottest wings east of Caelondia.

In all seriousness the incinerator was a dump, and it had a problem with Peckers."

  • Third Place
    • Prize: Something Foul
  • Second Place: 60 Peckers or more.
    • Prize: Something Sharp
  • First Place: 72 Peckers.
    • Prize: Ring of Fire


Take the Stabsinthe Spirit and roll into the center of each wave as it arrives. With the damage from that, simply spinning around burning everything should clear the Proving Grounds fairly easily. You shouldn't have more than one or two stragglers to chase in each wave after the initial burst.

Weapon Pick Lines[]

  • Cael Hammer : Got a feeling those tools ain't only for the old forge.
  • Fang Repeater : Now he can light them up or pin them down. Maybe both.
  • Breaker's Bow : Bow and bellows make a strange and fearsome team.
  • War Machete : We could have a fine old cookout with that stuff. Too bad that's not the plan.
  • Scrap Musket : Ever see a Kid with a musket and a fire bellows? Bit of a disturbing sight.
  • Dueling Pistols : Wouldn't have thought to bring a bellows to a shootout, but it just might work.
  • Brusher's Pike : Stick them and cook them. Or the other way around, makes no difference.
  • Army Carbine : When one type of firepower ain't enough, there's always the carbine and the bellows.
  • Galleon Mortar : Well if you can't burn it, you can always blow it to Mother on high, right?
  • Calamity Cannon : No matter what he's gonna face out there... It'll burn.

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