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The Forge is one of the buildings located in the Bastion.

It is the third structure to be discovered in the Workmen Ward.

Adds Something Heavy to the Kid's pack when built.


The Kid can upgrade his weapons here using materials salvaged during exploration, awarded as prizes in the Proving Grounds, or purchased from the Lost-and-Found.

Each weapon has 3 upgrade tiers, with 2 options per tier. Upgrading the Forge unlocks two additional tiers per weapon. Weapons that are fully upgraded leave a light purple particle trail behind their projectiles. All weapons except the Cael Hammer have this effect.

"The old Forge from the Workmen Ward was the model for many others found in Caelondia."


Each upgrade material collected also grants 50 XP.

  • Something Heavy

A chunk of precious alloy, found deep underground

The staple diet of Gasfellas, also used in all manner of industry.

  • Something Stringy

A stretch of meesegut, prized by bowyers and peltball fans.

One more reason for the popularity of meese hunting.

  • Something Nasty

A prickly bundle of bones from a carrion critter.

The City never got these under control, The Calamity did.

  • Something Sharp

A batch of zulwood leaves, best not handled bare-handed.

The world's sharpest blades are treated with their oil.

  • Something Coarse

A coil of refined alloy, favored by machinists.

Used to make firing mechanisms and ammunition.

  • Something Greasy

A tin of rattle-tail oil, a mechanical lubricant.

Extracted from a species of subterranean pest.

  • Something Pointy

A strip of knifebark, aged to perfection.

Feared and respected by blacksmiths and woodcutters.

  • Something Fancy

A clock work organizer, once used for work and recreation.

These springs and sprockets could be put to better use.

  • Something Burnt

A slab of burstone, blown topside during the calamity.

Forged in flamed already, it is highly resistant to heat.

  • Something Foul

A rag smothered in cauldron-ash, highly volatile.

This rank-smelling fuel lasts long and burns clean.

  • Something Wrong

A flake of unusual rock, unseen prior to the Calamity.

It writhes at the slightest touch yet feels like bone, only heavier.

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