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A memento obtained soon after retrieving the final core.


"Evidence of Zulf's rage against the Bastion.

Something brought out a flash of violence in the man. He attacked Rucks and severely damaged the Monument, then fled in anger."


To Rucks: "Are you hurt? What happened back there?"

  • "Zulf cursed the City. Cursed the Bastion. Cursed me. Said he was goin' home."

To Zia: "Are you alright? What exactly did Zulf do?"

  • "When Zulf got through readin' the journal, he just snapped. Started smashin' up the monument 'til I tried to stop him."

​To Zulf: "What happened back there between you and Rucks?"

  • "The under siege. Let it fall. You should not go back."