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Fragments are ostensibly pieces of the Old World. Within the game, they function as currency.

Collected fragments are spent at the Bastion. They can be applied to a variety of weapon upgrades at the Forge. The Kid may also use them to purchase upgrade materials, spirits, idols or missed mementos at the Lost-and-Found.


There are several ways to collect and earn Fragments.

​Defeated monsters drop small amounts of Fragments. Boss monsters/fights always drop large amounts.
  • Exploration
Occasionally Fragments will be found scattered on the ground or hidden behind scenery. Some destroyable objects yield small amounts Fragments, including lanterns, pots and bones. Rubble, benches and wall items do not drop Fragments.
  • Vigils
Vigils are located in the Memorial. Each vigil specifies a Fragment bounty, awarded after the Kid visits the Memorial once the task has been completed.
  • Bonus Levels
All levels in Who Knows Where award large amounts of Fragments between reflections, as well after successful survival. However, all progress, including any earned rewards, will be lost upon death. Fragment rewards are affected by the Pantheon.
In addition, large Fragment rewards can be earned in the Bullhead Court.


Fragments are dropped in different amounts.

1 Fragment

Medium Fragment = 5 Fragments

Large Fragment = 20 Fragments

Fragment Spheres[]

Fragment Sphere

Spheres typically contain at least 50 fragments.

They appear between waves in Who Knows Where, and also serve as prizes for the Bullhead Court.