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Galleon Mortar
Galleon Mortar

The Galleon Mortar is one of the Weapons in the game Bastion.


Bombardment weapon.

- Explosive bombs damage a wide area. Variable range.

Upgraded by Something Burnt.

"After the Caels decomissioned their largest fleet, their ships' massive broadside mortars found new purpose in defending of the Walls."


Column 1:

  • Burstone Bombs (+25% Blast Radius)
  • Target System (+50% Aiming Speed)
  • Shrapnel Charges (+25% Blast Radius)
  • Reactive Tubing (+100% Power Shot Damage)
  • Inferno Propellant (Bombs Create Damage Fields)

Column 2:

  • Rapid Bombs (+25% Faster Reload)
  • Blast System (+15% Critical Hit Chance)
  • High-Explosive Charges (+35% Damage)
  • Dampened Tubing (+15% Critical Hit Chance)
  • Stonewall Propellant (Immunity to Bomb Damage)

Secret Skills[]

  • Turret Surprise:
    • A special shell that splits open on impact to reveal a Security Turret, hard-wired to defend the user.
    • "First used by the Caelondian armada as a deterrent against privateers."
  • Bomb Barrage:
    • An experimental technique that overloads the firing tube with several shells that launch simultaneously.
    • "Conceived as a last ditch naval maneuver."

Proving Grounds: Boundless Bay[]

  • Third Place
    • Prize: Something Burnt
  • Second Place
    • Prize: Something Heavy
  • First Place
    • Prize: Bomb Barrage


One of the easiest challenges. Burstone Bombs is strongly recommended, and if it continues to give you trouble, Shrapnel Charges will make it basically effortless.

The only complication is the two groups of Squirts which move from side to side. Either catch them when they pause on the corners or track their timing to hit them with other large groups as they pass through the center.

Weapon Pick Lines[]

  • Cael Hammer : With that mortar and a hammer, he's like a one-man demolition squad.
  • Fang Repeater : Kid's ready to hit them fast and hit them hard.
  • Breaker's Bow : Sometimes arrows ain't enough, so Kid packs something bigger, just in case.
  • War Machete : Walk by a Kid with a machete and a mortar, you just keep on walking.
  • Scrap Musket : That's some heavy duty hardware. Not exactly the most delicate pairing.
  • Dueling Pistols : With all that firepower, Kid looks like he's ready to raid a fort.
  • Brusher's Pike : A pike and a galleon mortar? Now that's some terror from the high seas.
  • Army Carbine : Kid ain't taking chances, takes all the firepower he can carry.
  • Fire Bellows : Well if you can't burn it, you can always blow it to Mother on high, right?
  • Calamity Cannon : OK, now that's just plain overkill. I mean, come on.

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