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The Gods are deities who were worshiped by both the Caeldonians and the Ura. Worshiping a particular God had the potential to bless followers with gifts or shower them with misfortunes. There seemed to be no real rhyme or reason, why the Gods chose to do what they did.

The Gods are a pantheon who can be invoked at the shrine on the Bastion. Invoking the Gods will add a handicap of some kind, but also offer better experience and shard rewards.

The Gods[]

Acobi - The Chastened Maid - The Goddess of Oath and Abandon.

Garmuth - The Crippled Duke - The God of Purpose and Folly.

Hense - The Veiled Widow - The Goddess of Pain and Pleasure.

Lemaign - The Mason King - God of Hope and Despair. He was prayed to by soldiers before battle. Possible counterpart to Micia.

Micia - The Lorn Mother - The Goddess of Loss and Longing. She's described as the Mother who apparently gives birth to all, and awaits to greet the dead.

Olak - The Carefree Son - The God of Chance and Whim. He was worshipped by gamblers, risk takers, and those seeking good luck.

Jevel - The Tower Keeper - The God of Health and Atrophy. Was known to give his worshippers longer lifespans, though he sometimes struck them down with atrophy and disease.

Pyth - The Wakeful Bull - The God of Commotion and Order. He was known to grant greater strength to his followers, his worshippers normally consisted of warriors, soldiers etc.

Roathus - The Gorging Host - The God of Thirst and Plenty.

Yudrig - The Morning Stallion - The God of Impulse and Bravery.