Bastion Wiki

Idols are icons that represent the Pantheon. They are housed in the Shrine.

Praying to an idol will invoke its patron god, increasing the difficulty of the game in some way. However, invoked gods grant passive XP and Fragment boosts in return.

Multiple Idols may be invoked, for a maximum boost of 75%.  Any invoked Idol icons always appear at the start of a level.


  • Hense [HEN·suh]
    • + Enemy attack damage
  • Acobi [Ah·KOH·bee]
    • Defeated enemies drop a bouncing spark with delayed detonation.
  • Lemaign [La·MAIN]
    • The Kid's movement speed is slowed after connecting with an enemy attack.
  • Pyth [Pith]
    • + Enemy movement and attack speed
  • Jevel [Jeh·VELLl]
    • + Enemy armor
  • Yudrig [Yoo·jrig]
    • Touching enemies deals additional damage.
  • Roathus [ROH·thus]
    • Enemies never drop Tonics upon defeat.
  • Micia, [Mih·SI·a]
    • Enemies regen health over time.
  • Olak [O·lihk]
    • Enemies randomly turn translucent; all attacks will pass through.
  • Garmuth, [GAR·muth]
    • Enemies will randomly block and deflect attacks.