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Isle jawsonbog

"After Zulf's little episode, Kid sets off in search of shards . First stop: Jawson's Bog.

'You'll get lost in the Bog,' I told the Kid.

'And I won't be able to guide you back.' "


"The less said about Jawson's Bog the better. That place'll eat your mind."


The Bog is named in honour of Slinger Jawson, the famed explorer who dove into this fetid cesspool with pike, pistols, and his men, and never returned. Even long before his ill-fated expedition, Caels kept far, far away from this place.

The vegetation here grows a distubing, murky shade of green, growing gnarled and twisted over the swampy ground. Some of the plants seem to writhe and stare, waiting for an unfortunate soul to wander by so they may sink their fang-like roots into them, then drag them into the murky depths.

Even if one takes their care to avoid the abundance of Bootlickers and dangerous weeds beside, the Bog has another, more sinister danger: the foul fumes emitted by the elusive Lungblossom. The spores in the foul cloud are said to "eat your mind," rendering those exposed for far too long insane or invalid, trapped in a nightmarish mental world.

It takes a strong will and a lot of luck to get out again.


  • When fighting yourself during the hallucination, walking off the side will cause your copy to kill itself while you are falling back to the level, however, this will cause you to not recieve the shards you would have otherwise recieved.

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