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A memento.

Earned in Cinderbrick Fort.


"A prestigious symbol of the City's law enforcement.

The City's citizens respected and admired the Marshals for their unwavering dedication in preserving peace and justice."


To Rucks: "The Marshals brought the City back to working order after the War, didn't they?"

  • "Even since the Ura surrendered t' us, the Marshals kept a wary eye on 'em."

To Zulf: "Did the Marshals ever give you a hard time, being an Ura and all?"

  • " 'The Marshals seemed like good men,' he says. They treated him with dignity."

To Zia: "Did the Marshals ever give you any trouble? You seem worried whenever you see this badge."

  • "Girl tried t' run away from home one time. But the Marshals stopped that, didn't they?"