The Shrine of Micia
The Goddess of Loss and Longing
Micia Shrine

Foes Shall Regenerate From Any Injury

+5% experience and fragments earned

"The Lorn Mother gave away Her heart, and bears the Star of Caelondia in its stead."


Rucks refers to Micia simply as "Mother", as does Zulf.



  • "Mother only knows."
  • "Mother, this one's for you."
  • "Well, if you can't burn 'em, you can always blow 'em to Mother on high, right?"
  • Referenced in "Pantheon".
    • "Mother, lonely old gal, tear your heart out for what you've done."


  • Referenced throughout "Mother, I'm Here".
    • "I see your star, you left it burning for me. Mother, I'm here."
    • "Eyes open wide, feel your heart and it's glowing."
    • "I'll take your hand, now you'll never be lonely." This is a possible reference because when Rucks sings "Pantheon", he mentions that Micia is a "lonely old gal."
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