Peckers are an avian monster encountered in The Wild.



Pecker chick
Chicks rarely spawn outside of flocks, perhaps because they are so weak. As such, they rely on strength in numbers. A swarm of chicks will wheel around the Kid and promptly peck him to death, unless killed themselves.


Pecker fledgling
Green-feathered fledgling Peckers are almost as large as adults; they usually appear in pairs.

Fledglings hover just out of range to fire three red needles at The Kid, but do not change position or track his movements while attacking. If the player has moved, they will reposition before attacking again.

Projectile speed and reload are medium.


Pecker adult
As the largest and most mature members of the Pecker family, adults attempt to overwhelm the Kid with a knockback charge.

Often, but not always, spawns with a flock of chicks.


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