Pincushion pink

Pincushions are a family of sentient, stationary monster flora that grow in the Wild.



Once The Kid steps in range of a purple Pincushion, it will immediately fire a rapid-fire round of spikes that track the player's movements.

Their reload time is short.


These Pincushions most closely resemble their purple siblings.  They fire in a single direction only.


Green Pincushions fire pulsing waves of spikes outward in 8 directions.

They do not attempt to track The Kid in any way, but do not pause until The Kid steps out of their range.


Blue Pincushions behave very similarly to purple pincushions, but are approximately half their size with notably more bullet scatter in their attacks.

Their reload time is the shortest compared to all other varieties of Pincushions.


Recommended Weapons

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