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Isle pointlemaign

"Know how Caelondia became the richest city in the world? Two words: Point Lemaign."

"The Army's Triggers kept the place on lockdown, but now it's split open like a rotten vineapple."


"Point Lemaign's Grand Rail once brought the riches of the Wild right to our doorstep."

The level's theme, "Spike in a Rail", doesn't begin until you've reached the Grand Rail. The rail itself is laden down with Swampweed, Stinkeyes, and Wallflowers.

Acquired Items[]


Site of the Grand Rail, a major transportation route that allowed the Caels to ship alloys and hides.

Territorial disputes with the Ura over Point Lemaign triggered the Ura-Caelondia War.


Encounter a strange Ura that delivers a note from Zulf to Zia.

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