Bastion Wiki

"The Ura tunnels beneath the quarry musta' softened the blow from the Calamity. Same goes for its natives, Rattle-tails." -Rucks, upon entering Burstone Quarry and encountering a Rattle-tail


Under the control of the Ura, Rattle-tails are plumped white birds. They have a unique tail that rattles almost like a rattle snake. They burrow underground and summon small meteorites upon The Kid. Even when underground they can be attacked by any melee weapon. They are an infestation at the Burstone Quarry.

The rocks can not be blocked and must be dodged. To deal with them, run toward them and hit them as they try to run away. When burrowed, they can not be hit by certain ranged weapons. There is a mini version of this monster.