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Article Maintenance

Double Posting (Redundancy)[]

Before you post a page, please check that similar pages do not already exist. If your new page will add little information that is not already condensed within the wiki, do not post it.

Spoilers and Plot Details[]

Because Bastion is such a condensed game, please keep spoilers to a minimum. All spoilers must be marked with the template. Plot subsections for any article should be placed at the bottom of the page.


Bastion has an odd habit of referring to damn near everything in capitals, rendering generic names proper nouns. Transcripts and direct quotes have retained these qualities, even when wrong (see: Spirits' effects); however original content should follow the rules of international English grammar as closely as possible. Observe:

  • Right: The Kid woke up on the Rippling Walls. Then the Kid found his trusty hammer.
  • Wrong: Suddenly The Kid found himself at The Bastion where he met The Stranger.