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Scrap Musket
Scrap Musket

The Scrap Musket is one of the weapons in the game Bastion.


A shotgun-like weapon that has lots of spread. Signature weapon of Caelondian Marshals from the Old World.

Upgraded with Something Coarse.

"A mass-produced version of the very first Caelondian firearm, said to be a true terror. It belches searing clouds of jagged metal."


Column 1:

  • Rifled Barrel (+50% Range, -50% Spread)
  • Heavy Shells (+15% Damage)
  • Tactical Stock (Reduced Long-Range Damage Penalty)
  • Reinforced Chamber (+15% Damage)
  • Cael Flintlock (+1 Shot Fired Per Shell Fired)

Column 2:

  • Smoothbore Barrel (+35% Spread, -15% Range)
  • Impact Shells (Increased Knockback)
  • Assault Stock (+33% Faster Reload)
  • Expanded Chamber (Increased Knockback)
  • Ura Flintlock (Shots Cripple)

Secret Skills[]

Scrap Salvo

Scrap Salvo

Scrap Salvo

  • A relentless series of blasts that overcompensates for the musket's slow rate of fire.
  • "Only once did the Marshals resort to this technique, in the days following the War."

Final Warning

Final Warning

Final Warning

  • A blast sent straight up into the air, causing a flurry of projectiles to rain down on the area.
  • "Not effective as a warning, but very effective otherwise."

Proving Grounds[]

"Ever felt a Zulwood gourd? Like picking up broken glass bare-handed.

At Zulwood Grove, Marshals learned to make every shot count."

  • Third Place
    • Prize: Something Coarse
  • Second Place: 22 shots or fewer
    • Prize: Something Foul
  • First Place: 15 shots or fewer
    • Prize: Scrap Salvo


Focus on pushing targets off the edge instead of shooting them to pieces.  The Increased knockback and ranged upgrades are especially helpful for this.  Clear the targets in waves, fanning outwards. Since there is a fountain nearby, the player can equip Falling Malt and Werewhiskey (if possible) and repeatedly fall off the edge of the map, damaging targets when they land, and healing before death when necessary. This means fewer shots are needed to destroy every target.

Weapon Pick Lines[]

  • Cael Hammer : Kid's about to get real personal with hammer and musket in hand.
  • Fang Repeater : Doesn't hurt having a couple of trusty old guns on hand.
  • Breaker's Bow : A bow ain't much good in a crowd, but a musket sure is.
  • War Machete : Anything survives a musket shot oughta be quick work for that blade.
  • Dueling Pistols : Nothing subtle about those guns, but maybe that's the point.
  • Brusher's Pike : Want to keep the wilds at bay, pack yourself a musket and a pike.
  • Army Carbine : No more fooling around, time to roll out the big guns and get this over with.
  • Fire Bellows : Ever see a Kid with a musket and a fire bellows? Bit of a disturbing sight.
  • Galleon Mortar : That's some heavy duty hardware. Not exactly the most delicate pairing.
  • Calamity Cannon : The Kid's loaded down with some of Caelondia's finest firearms.

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