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A Giant Scumbag

Scumbags are a blob-like monster that are part of the Windbag family.

As mature windbags, they can no longer float like their younger counterparts.  The older a Scumbag is, the bigger it is.

They are known to smell like barley and spoiled blueberries as a result of a viscous byproduct from ingesting Caelondia's waste.


Scumbags are only visually distinct from each other in size, but this is no indicator of their behaviour. 

They come in various sizes, though the player usually encounters medium sized ones. Through out the gameplay The Kid will also run into giant Scumbags full of Goo. Their Goo causes the player to move slowly and take damage. Some Scumbags use their Goo to shoot across the map at high speeds hurting The Kid upon contact. Others shoot their Goo outwards partially aiming at the Kid. As they are hit they lose their size until they turn into drops of Goo and dissipate.

Notable Specimens

Gershel is the oldest known Scumbag serving the City.  He survives the Calamity in the Workmen Ward.