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Security Turret Yellow

Security Turrets are a class of stationary monster.

They spawn in a variety of colors and shapes, but all possess a dragon head and "mouth" through which they attack.  All turrets track the player's movements regardless of whether he is in range or not.

Prior to the Calamity, they were erected as sentries.



The most basic turret model.

Blue turrets fire a single shot at a time, with a slow reload.


Red turrets produce a continuous damage-over-time flamethrower attack, similar to the Flame Bellows.

They are short-range only.


Green turrets rapidly fire 5 blue shots while tracking the Kid.

Its reload time is the shortest.

These turrets have a green hue with a rotund base.


These turrets are easily confused with the green turrets as they share identical coloring and shape.

However, copper turrets will not immediately fire once the Kid is in range.  Instead, the turret begins to gurgle while the mouth glows with gathering sparks before firing three purple shots in the Kid's general direction.

These shots have increased ricochet.


Yellow turrets fire a hazy purple shot that follows the Kid across the field for roughly 5 seconds until he has either run out of range, or the shot has "died".

The turret does not reload until a previous shot has been spent.

These turrets are arguably the most challenging variant to defeat, as blocking only deflects the shot in a wide circle around the Kid -- and straight to his back. Counterblocks only tighten the deflected shot's path.  The player's timing must be perfect to return the shot straight towards the yellow turret.  A good strategy is to keep destructible terrain on either side if you are forced to block the shots. More often than not, the shot will hit the terrain and stop.

If a yellow turret is killed, any remaining shots will no longer deflect in an arc and will no longer home onto the Kid.

Super Blue[]

Super blue turrets only appear in Ura territories. They are easily identified with their latticed bodies, balanced on an inverted cone.

These turrets have possibly the longest range of all. Just before firing, glowing sparks gather around their whirring mouths before emitting a constant beam of light. This beam cannot be deflected back towards the turret, or any enemies.

Cooldown is medium length.


Almost all turret fire can be blocked with the Bullhead Shield.