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Spirits are items that unlock special passive abilities in-game. The name of each Spirit is based on a real alcoholic beverage, and their appearance resembles glass bottles.

Spirits can be equipped by visiting the Distillery, clicking a shelf and selecting one of the Spirits available in the list. There is a maximum of ten shelves.

At the beginning of the adventure, The Kid can pack only one Spirit, but as the player levels up, new shelves will be opened.


There are a total of twenty Spirits in the game, all accessible at the Distillery (once found) except for one. They are listed below according to their order at the Distillery:


Spirits can be obtained in different places, being Cores and Shards locations the most common ones.

They can also be obtained as rewards in the Proving Grounds or in exchange for fragments in the Lost-and-Found building.

The Kid can only hold Hop-Scotch in the Tazal Terminals.