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An image of a creature similar to the shape of an upside-down raindrop. It has a black body, blue circular eyes, and orange dots on the top of its head.

The domesticated Squirt in the Bastion.

Squirts are the most common monster encountered within the ruins of Caelondia.

They are members of the Windbag family and lived underground, until The Calamity forced them out.

You are able to keep one as a pet in the Bastion and use them as allies by the use of Squirt Lure.


They have little life, but appear in mobs. There are larger versions of Squirts, "Elephant Squirts" that can be found that also do more damage and have more life.


Squirts will mill about aimlessly once spawned.  Should The Kid enter their view, or if they are attacked, they will speed towards the player. However, the Squirts with green tails are very cowardly, and flee if they so much as see The Kid

All Squirts attack by charging in bursts.