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Stinkeyes are small monsters found in the Wild.

As their name suggests, they are little more than floating eyes with a tough, spiky skin.

While an individual Stinkeye has low offensive power, these monsters typically appear in groups of 3 or more. Active Stinkeyes creep towards The Kid while his back is turned.  Their presence is often announced with a childish giggle. When The Kid faces a creeping Stinkeye, it will freeze and shut its eye.

Resting Stinkeyes often appear buried in the ground. Some immediately wake up after The Kid walks over their nests; others remain dormant. There is no visible difference between the two types.


Stinkeyes possess a single offense: if the Kid brushes against them while above ground, they immediately explode.

While the lid is open, a Stinkeye is very easy to kill. However, while the eye is closed, all damage is reduced to -1. Buried Stinkeyes are immune to player action. Weapons that have been upgraded to ignore armor, such as the final tier of Dueling Pistols or Brusher's Pike, can easily dispose of Stinkeyes very quickly.

Because they often appear in groups, Stinkeyes can quickly overwhelm the player -- especially when combined with other monster types, or when encountered in tight areas.

Recommended Weapons[]