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The Calamity destroyed the city of Caelondia and much of the Old World.

Only a few survived the Calamity; the victims are turned into petrified ash that disintegrates upon contact.

A few areas have remained nominally intact thanks to the presence of a local Core. Parts of the Wilds have also survived, perhaps because of the minimal human interference, apart from seeded Shards.

It is speculated that the Calamity fractured the surface of the world, literally tearing it to pieces.


Spoiler Warning: Below Consists Of Important Plot Details. Read At Your Own Risk!

The Calamity was the result of an official Mancer project.

The Mancers were secretly developing a weapon, an emergency "final solution" in the event of another Ura-Caelondian conflict. The weapon would "redirect the Tazal Terminals to the stars." It is heavily implied that the Mancers' project was intended as a pre-emptive strike, as the Ura continued to abide by the post-war Treaty.

The Calamity itself is attributed to Venn, a brilliant Ura Mancer and Zia's father. Horrified by the Mancers' genocidal intentions, Venn sabotaged the project and wrote all he knew in a journal before resigning from his post. He was compelled to return once his daughter Zia was framed for treason. His last words to his daughter were a warning to hide herself in their underground Ura-style home.

Rucks suggests that Venn himself was forced to activate the project. In a last act of defiance, he targetted Caelondia itself, rather than the peaceful Ura.


When the weapon was initiated, both Zia and Zulf were hidden in Ura-style dens, and thus survived the Calamity. It is unclear why the Kid or Rucks survived.