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There are two tonics that the Kid encounters in his travels.

Health Tonic[]

Health Tonic

Health tonics can be consumed to regain health. At the beginning of the game, they only refill about half of the health bar. Equipping Bastion Bourbon in the Distillery increases the potency of health tonics and allows the Kid to carry up to 5.

Black Tonic[]

Black Tonic

Black tonics can be consumed one by one to activate Secret Skills. At the beginning of the game, the Kid can only carry 3. Equipping Black Rye allows up to 5 black tonics to be carried at a time.

Items that affect Tonics[]

  • Bastion Bourbon
  • Black Rye
  • Leechade
    • Reduces potency of health tonics by -66%
  • Roathus
    • Defeated enemies no longer randomly drop tonics. Applies to Who Knows Where: If Roathus is invoked, no tonics will ever fall.