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The Ura were a race of humans often in competition with the Caels. Their main city was the Tazal Terminals. They were known to dwell outside the Terminals, but always chose to make their homes ('dens') underground.

Ura commonly possessed pale skin and dark hair and eyes.


Over 50 years ago, the Ura and Caels fought a war over Point Lemaign.  Following the Ura surrender, communication between the two diminished as the Ura withdrew further east to their main city.

Prior to the Calamity, relations between the Caels and Ura seemed to have improved. However, Ura within Caelondia were still regarded with suspicion.


Ura territories such as Zulten's Hollow are kept intact after the Calamity with the use of Conductors. Destroying the Conductors brings up "Calamity Rocks", which the Ura previously planted in the Bastion.


"Yes our people caused the Calamity, but here we are tryn'a fix it." Did the Ura really think we'd turn around and walk away? Shame the opportunity for civilized discourse is over.

Zulf, the Ura...they have every reason to be angry. Beyond angry. But when this is all over, it'll all be water under the bridge

"All those dreams, snuffed out in the Calamity. We'll bring 'em back."

"Way out on the edge of the world, that's where he finally finds you. But it ain't like Prosper Bluff this time."

"Zia. You weren't kidnapped. No ma'am. You had to see what happened to the Ura. To your own people."

In the Calamity, the Tazal Terminals were ripped out from underground and cast into the stars.


The Ura appear as enemy Monsters near the end of the game.

  • Rattle-tail
  • Ura Warrior (Crossbow)
  • Ura Warrior (Halberd)
  • Ura Warrior (Sword)
  • Ura Warrior (Rifle)


  • Ura consider the use of their native language by non-Ura to be a grave insult.

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