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Wallflower yellow

Wallflowers]] are sentient monster flora from the Wild.  They react to any damage by raising their armored petals.

Like their cousin, the Pincushion, they spawn in a variety of forms.



The most common variety, yellow Wallflowers fire a single projectile attack at The Kid. They are unique amongst ranged enemies in that yellow projectile attacks accelerate as soon as they are fired.

Extremely long range with medium-short reload time.


Blue Wallflowers fire three projectiles towards the Kid.


This type fires an expanding circle of projectiles. Pink Wallflowers are typically deadlier at close range.


Black Wallflowers periodically releases projectiles, which then orbit the parent wallflower. When the parent is destroyed, the projectiles immediately scatter in the direction(s) they were facing.

Unusually, this enemy will not otherwise attack the player.


Once the player is in range, the green wallflower will attack with an arching stream of projectiles.

Long range with medium reload time.


All attacks are preceded by both a gurgling noise and motes of light gathering around the mouth of the wallflower.

When attacked themselves, including counter blocks, they immediately raise their petals. The resulting defense can only be defeated by weapons with Armor penetration upgrades.

Recommended Weapons[]

  • Brusher's Pike
  • Army Carbine (preferably with the +aiming speed upgrade)
  • Flame Bellows (Preferably with the Napalm Reservoir upgrade)
  • Other extended ranged weapons

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