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Windbags are a family of monsters that originally lived underground in Burstone Quarry.

Surviving windbags surfaced after the Calamity and began directly competing with The Kid for Cores.

Members of the Windbag Family[]


Prior to the Calamity, windbags performed a variety of services in Caelondia. As valuable "members" of Caelondian society, they were given their own City Quarter in the Workmen Ward.

Squirts were the youngest stage of windbag development. Most were raised at Windbag Ranch, though a few may have lived in the Squirt Steps of the Ward. A select number were reserved for Squirt Cider.

As mature windbags, Gasfellas were responsible for City construction.  Originally their primary task was mining Cores in Burstone Quarry, but as perfect Cores became increasingly rare, their responsibilities were relegated elsewhere. In particular, the Gasfella Forge in the East Side of the Ward was envied throughout the City. The strongest Gasfella directly oversaw all Gasfellas within the City walls as Gasfella Foreman.  The Foreman was allotted a house in the northmost area of the Ward.

Scumbags, the advanced stage of windbag development, disposed of City garbage by ingesting the trash and transporting the remainder outside the Walls. The majority resided in Scumbag Alley within the Ward.