A memento acquired from an anonymous Ura messenger in Point Lemaign.


"A letter addressed to Zia.

It appears to be written by Zulf, who must have found another Ura survivor to deliver the message.

Maybe Zulf taught Zia enough of their native language to be able to read this."


To Zia: "Can you read this? It's addressed to you."

  • "The note says it plain.
Go east to learn the truth about the Calamity, and our people. I'll be waiting.
Sincerely, Zulf.' "

To Rucks: "It's meant for Zia. Isn't this Zulf's handwriting?"

  • "Zulf's messenger was one of his people. Wonder just how many of them survived, and what exactly Zulf told them..."


Encourages Zia to slip away from the Bastion during the Ura attack, and discover the truth for herself.

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